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Mailing Address:

254 Four Seasons Dr.
Davis, WV 26260


(304) 403-2074


If you still need help, fill out the form  to send an email to us. To get your question to the correct person, please select the appropriate department from the list below.

Customer Service: For general information on skiing/snowboarding, as well as online ordering questions

Lost & Found: To report items noticed missing after the fact. For all high value items or same day items lost, please call the office directly.

Donations: For donation requests for upcoming events, fundraisers, etc.

Group Questions: For specific information regarding pre-registering groups of 15 or more people

Food, Beverage & Bar Questions: For questions regarding food menus and the bar

Human Resources: For questions regarding seasonal employment, the hiring process or employment verifications

Marketing Department: Contact for media, advertising, public relations, and marketing

Ski/Snowboard Rental Shop and Tech Shop: For specific information about our rental equipment, and services provided by our tech shop for skis and snowboards

Ski Clubs:  For specific information regarding sponsoring a ski club of 15 or more people

Ski Patrol & Safety: For questions about Ski Patrol and safety on the mountain

Snow Sports School & Lessons: For information about ski or snowboard lessons or programs

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