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Our Timberline Mountain team is excited to have you join us for the wonderful experience of skiing and snowboarding! 

To make your first days sliding on the snow a blast, be sure to plan ahead so you have one of the most memorable experiences of your winter. Follow these simple recommendations and you will be sure to enjoy every minute of your visit to Timberline Mountain! 

Before your visit:

  • Pick your date(s) – Talk to your family and friends and decide what dates work best for your visit. Weekends and holidays are typically busier, and week day lift tickets have our “Midweek Bonus” benefit.
  • Purchase your lift ticket(s) – Purchasing lift tickets in advance online will save you money and will save you time in the ticket lines. Information on lift ticket pricing and discounts can be found here.
  • Book a hotel or cabin close to the mountain – The closer you are to the slopes, the sooner you will be able to slide on the snow! There are many cabin and home rentals right on the slopes.  For information and to book at Timberline’s Hotel, please click here.  For information on cabin and home rentals, please click here.
  • Schedule a lesson – If it’s your first day trying out skiing or snowboarding, we strongly recommend taking a lesson so you have a great experience on the snow! Be sure to schedule your lesson early, as they do sell out.  Click here for information on lessons.

What to wear:

  • Properly fitted helmet – Helmets are included with all rental purchases and will keep your head warm and safe. 

  • Gloves or mittens – Be sure that they are waterproof and thick enough to keep your hands warm and dry.

  • Goggles or sunglasses – Goggles are recommended on cold, snowy, or rainy days.

  • Water resistant winter coat and snow pants – We offer bibs to rent or purchase   if you do not own your own snow pants.

  • Warm layers – Wearing layers that you can add or shed, depending on the outside temperature, will ensure that you are comfortable all day on the slopes.  Cotton garments are not recommended for base layers, as they retain moisture.  Instead, use a synthetic material for your base layer and wool or fleece for your mid layers. 

  • Ski or snowboard socks – Warm, long, dry, winter socks are the best to keep your feet warm and dry. Do not wear two pairs of socks, as it will be uncomfortable and won’t be as warm.

  • Sunscreen and SPF lip balm – The sun reflects off the snow, so be sure to protect your skin and lips while skiing or snowboarding.
  • Extra clothes – Pack extra clothes in case they get wet or so you can change at the end of the day.
 Once you arrive:
  • Park your vehicle – Leave all non-essential items in your locked vehicle, or use one of the lockers in our rental shop to store your non-valuable personal items and shoes. 

  • Pick up your lift pass  – Pick up your lift pass (RFID Card) at our Ticketing and Information Windows, located on the west side of the building.  Ticket windows are conveniently located on the first floor of the building, with easy access to the slopes.  If you need to rent equipment, pick up your rental form here as well.  To save time, pick the window with the shortest line!
  • Grab a Timberline Mountain trail map – Trail maps are located at the Ticketing and Information Windows, and throughout the lodge.  To help you get around the mountain, grab a trail map for each member of your group.  Select a location to meet if you get separated before your adventure on the snow starts! 
  • Pick up your rental equipment – Follow signs to the Rental Shop, which is located on the east side of the building.  Our friendly team members will be available to assist you with boot, ski, pole, snowboard and helmet rentals.

On the slopes:

  • Stay safe  – Always stay in control and obey the “Responsibility Code”.  Click here for safety information and to familiarize yourself with the “Responsibility Code”.
  • Be aware of changing snow conditions  – Be aware of the snow conditions and how they can change throughout the day (e.g.. as conditions turn firm or icy, skiing/snowboarding gets harder and faster). Begin each run slowly, so you can assess the conditions.  Check out our daily snow report for information on conditions.
  • Take breaks – If you’re tired, take a break!  Injuries usually result from fatigue, so be aware of your body and rest when needed. While resting, be sure to have a healthy snack to re-energize.
  • Stay hydrated – Drink plenty of water before, during and after your day on the slopes. As with any physical activity, hydration is vital!
  • Enjoy your time on the snow – Now that you are dressed for a day on the slopes, have your lift pass, trail map and rental equipment, it’s time to go outside and have fun! 
All rental equipment is subject to availability
All lessons are subject to availability

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