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Safety is of paramount importance at Timberline Mountain.

Timberline Mountains’ winter operations (ski lifts and trails) are designed for use by guests using alpine skis or snowboards affixed to their feet by a range of binding systems and standardized adaptive ski devices and equipment for individuals with disabilities. 

As such, the acceptance of any device without an appropriate binding system is closely reviewed by the Timberline Mountain Management Team and must be approved by Timberline prior to the use of any such equipment. If you have a request to use a device to access Timberline Mountain, please email and allow 72 hours for review of your request. 

In general, devices must have a binding system and/or a leash, tether or other retention device, as well as full metal edges on the sliding surface. The leash must be worn at all times, including on lifts and when sliding. Some devices that meet this criteria (such as Snow Bikes) may still not be allowed.

All equipment must have breaks or a leash/tether




Adaptive Equipment
Limited to:
Mono-ski, Dual-ski, Bi-ski, Slider, Outriggers, Tethers and Ski tip and tail retention type devices.

Must have metal edges and a leash/tether on each snowblade.

Boot Skis / ODR / Snow Feet / SledDogs
Must have metal edges

Backpack Speakers
Music must not contain profanity and should remain at conversational level or lower.


All drones must be approved by management. Must check in at the West Lodge Ticket Sales windows when you arrive. Must have your Drone labeled with your FAA information. Must strictly adhere to FAA guidelines and best practices. Must have yourself/your drone insured with $1,000,000 coverage as a minimum.

Outside Tubes or sleds are not permitted.

Personal Snow Tubes

Snow Decks / Snow Skates


Snow Bikes / Snow Scooters

Cross Country Skis

Body Sleds

Sleds / Discs / Toboggan

Plastic Snowboards

Tandem Devices

Baby Backpacks

Skinning Uphill


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